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“I grew up in a small town surrounded by nature. When I was young my father and I collected a bucket with frogspawn, hoping for some amazing frogs for our backyard pond . Seeing those alien like eggs transform into small creatures and eventually into frogs, really started my fascination for nature. Now, I use these forms of nature as the main source of inspiration for my work.”

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Laurens’ work is based on his vision on nature and the art of collecting it. The designs of his creatures are inspired by the forms of nature. His sculptures and drawings are based on natural curiosities.

All the sculptures are made of synthetic materials, such as polymers, acrylics and epoxy. He also uses natural materials in his work, like real bird eggs, legumes and bones he found in the woods. He searches for a balance between things that are authentic combined with fabricated pieces. It’s about the combination of the natural and the artificial, whether it is in form or the materials used.

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