A print for the National Mouseum

7x7 Muiseum

Instagram preview

From now on, previews will be posted of all my work in progress (and almost finished) drawings on Instagram @laurensdeblocq

Like this one:


Preview of an update

A big update will follow tomorrow. New sculptures, drawings and ideas!


Walking with dinosaurs the movie

One day, my creatures will have a feature like this as well.. I hope.. Till then, this is a great alternative!

A small new sketchbook

Busy now with working out these sketches. These will become some smaller color prints eventually.


Open studio day

Tomorrow I’ll open my studio for the public for a day. I have some creatures in process and some new work I’ve just finished.


The finished page

The finished version of the one I posted earlier.

The numbers indicate the parts of the creature, which I will describe in the book I will make with this kind of work.



Next to my Flickr and News page, I will post pictures of my process, work and new ideas on Instagram @laurensdeblocq

Here I will also try things out and see how people react on it, some of my new work will be based on that.


From now on, this link will also be available on my homepage.

With a preview: