The second 2D collection

A second page of creatures. A diversity that can be found in jungles, warm and moist places.


A new way of working

After a long time of silence, I’m working full time as a art teacher at the moment, here is the first finished work I’ve made.

It’s a combination between a regular drawing and digital one. Hope you like it..

As you can see I’ve continued working with a collection as my subject. More of these will follow…


A new way of viewing

I embedded my work sorted on category on my latest page:

Here you can see all my work, zoom in, and scroll to the next image.  I hope you like it!

A leguminous little one

This is a baby creature that is born within the legume. The edible part of it is used to feed the creature in its fetal stage.

A study, used for my new set of sculptures. I will make a total of three Leguminous creatures, every single one in it’s own natural pulse.

Albertus Seba

Next to the plates of Haeckel and a lot of other copperplate print of the forms of nature, Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Natural Curiosities has always been a great inspiration for me. Now I’ve used a small copy of the book until now, I’m finally able to buy the original and very large version of Taschens masterpiece. Now I will use these large prints for my new work on drawings and sculptures. To be continued…

Haeckel and the Trunkrat

An addition to the (not so accurate) Ernst Haeckel schematic. The three evolving steps of the Trunkrat.

As an experiment to my series on evolution.

Gonudichu arboreum II

Final version

It’s the final drawing of the Godudichu arboeum, digitallyy edited with Photoshop. I really like  the combination between authentic work and digital additions. I’m planning to make it a limited edition of 8 prints and 2 artist proofs in giclée print, but this may change. The final result may of course vary from the picture above, depending on the paper I will use.

It’s one of the many drawings to come which eventually will form a book about my creature collections.