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Work in progress…

New work

So I finally found some time to work out the idea behind my 3D printed frog-creatures.

I used them as a base for a poured acrylics skin. I will continue this as a series of different sizes and colors including a collection in a display case.

New Reefcrawler collection during the exhibition

A new way of working

3D printing isn’t the future anymore, it’s here, now. If you need a high resolution print of the Venus of Milo, it’s just a click away. But with the ease that comes with the new technology, people will more easily lose originality as well.

The creative mind of the individual is what makes us unique, that’s why I made this piece.


This is a draft of the final work, to be seen this weekend. 

I’ve made a choice to only make ”one-of” sculptures, I’m not using or making moulds. I can make more sculptures of the same creature, but they will always look different. With this piece, I’m not trying to simulate a version of my previous work, but to show a different way of looking at things.

New drawings and more on their way…