the Trunkrat

I just realized that my very first sculpture wasn´t on here. The Jangalian Trunkrat. It´s a creature which I already wanted to make three years ago, but it was only last year when I could create time to do so. So this is the creature that started it all:

Your addition to my database of inspirations

As one of my great sources of inspiration I use prints of creatures like this one of Ernst Haeckel. Along with a great number of books and other documentation I have 40.000 digital images of animals and creatures.
As part of this great database of natural curiosities, I’m asking you as a visitor of my website, to enrich it by adding digital pictures of special creatures.
You can go there and share your addition by clicking on the image.

Current project


Last year I’ve been busy with a research on collecting. That in combination with my fascination for the forms of nature had led to the project I’m currently working on. I’ve started a series of collections of my own created forms of nature.

The picture above is an example of a collection of sculptures from my graduation exhibition.