So I’m quite busy printing my frogs, doing some Photoshop, drawing and designing some new creatures and sculpting a Reefcrawler or two.


To be continued…

First 3D printed copy of a sculpture

A new way of working that coexists with the old way. 

I’ll post an update next week on this, but this is the first rough print of a sculpture I scanned.

Reefcrawlers all the way

From today till the 30th of November, the Reefcrawlers, a selection of my drawings and collection are exhibited in the Espace Enny gallery in Laag Keppel, the Netherlands.


Invasion of a crawler; check out the Instagram account @laurensdeblocq

Working towards the new exhibition, I’ll post some bigger high res pictures on my Instagram account. Check out the social page for the link or use my App.


Update of collection cases

A quick update of my current larger collection display cases. I will start with drawings of these cases and their individual creatures soon..



Work in progress for a new display; a centerpiece

Working on this bat-ish one. Still figuring out what to do with the wings though..

ArtArnhem 2014

artarnhem-2014I’ve been selected to exhibit during ArtArnhem. An artfair that takes place the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of November 2014 in the Eusebius church in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

For more information on ArtArnhem, visit

Hot stuff

A little red hot oven

I’m melting some glass as an experiment to make custom lenses for the eyes of my creatures. Hopefully this gives me the result I’m looking for.

A new display; brownish sea creatures

Work in progress

Green creatures only this time. The next display cases are also going to be ordered on color.

IMG_0030 copy